ABU ZURAYN has an Inspiring Story!

I was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1991 and was settled in India as a native. I was an a child ingrained with curiosity to explore more and more into the depths of the soul and the universe. I had a rough life since i was a child, living being bullied in family and college, until my life came into halt, dropping out from the graduation of medical education. It wasn’t  too late, until I was nearly drowned by my hurdles in life and the emotional pain by i had to go through being exposed to vulnerability in life; I started to discover that i can overcome my emotional trauma of being bullied in life through a very grateful person whom i met in my life. His generosity in motivating me has inspired me to escape back into life, from which i was constantly escaping from, out of fear of being rejected and humiliated. I learned to stand on my feet alone, facing them with warmth and happiness. Through him, i learned my passion for the interest in mind-body medicine, spirituality and motivation. I was expelled from home, because of opting what i wished to choose in life. I strongly believe it is worth sacrificing minor things in life for a greater cause in life. I found a profound purpose in what i do. Today, i was able to complete my graduation in medicine and with grace of the most merciful, I’m currently doing my Post graduation in Medicine from the Royal college of Physicians in United Kingdom and was able to acquire post graduate diploma from University of South wales. I authored more than 11 books and published peer reviewed research papers in medical journals on mind-body medicine. My works appeared in different magazines in the European union and in radio shows of United states. Moreover, i became CEO of Life engineering Academy at native place, partnering with my friend who helped me when i was expelled from home by providing his office for staying and supporting my child, to help people being bullied and taken down in life by bullies, through counselling and psychotherapies. Moreover, i started a mind-body clinic to help people manage stress and handle emotions, helping them to overcome physical illness by treating emotional traumas. I conduct workshops and motivational programs for the needy. I’m still content with everything i have lost because i don’t feel like i have lost anything in life but i have earned much more contentment with everything i have earned for following my passion. Some times it takes a daring heart to trust your guts!! I’m still at my learning stage of my life and i think it never ends at all!