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Exploring Secular Spirituality in India

Abu Zurayn’s company offers residential program for foreigners from the west to explore and taste the spiritual pleasure in India. The retreat of Abu Zurayn integrates spirituality and Neuroscience with practical Psycho-Spiritual experience, helping clients to transcend deeper to understand the beauty of life from the spiritual core of a person. Abu Zurayn integrates several mind-body interventions, mindfulness, meditation and life transforming therapeutics that can help a man to overcome the struggling traumas of life and enlighten their soul to a higher domain by overcoming burdening emotions. Every single spiritual practices resonates with neuroscience and every practical sessions will be evidence based, which is based on the research papers being published in mainstream journals. In addition, Abu Zurayn provides the rarest spiritual transformation therapeutics at his program for the one who is thirsty for it. The medium of language will be in American English. The program encompasses the following domains of spirituality where clients can experience spirituality to its epitome


Self Compassion

Unconditional Love

Letting Go & Forgiveness


Acceptance and Commitment

Ego Dissolution

Abundance tapping

Transpersonal transcendence

Healing the inner child

Maximizing the spiritual pleasure

Understanding the laws of Universe

and much more:




Abu Zurayn International


Malappuram district


Contact: 91 9633089029

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