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The book of beauty is Abu Zurayn’s first motivational book for individuals who are struggling in life to find the true essence of beauty. In today’s epidemic of beauty sickness in this modern world, women and men alike are feeling desperate of not having the ideal beauty standardized by the media and society, which is destroying the self-esteem and optimism in individuals right from their childhood because of body shaming and comparison imposed by their peers. The more this epidemic enters the souls of innocent beings right from the childhood, this viruses degrades the inner beauty of love, compassion, contentment and gratitude that was ingrained within them right from birth and in turn perverts a child’s innocence by negatively nurturing them by subjecting them to comparison, selfishness, jealousy and narcissism. This has resulted in a global crisis of peaceless minds and restless souls whom have became obsessed and troubled with selfies in social media platform. Society as a whole is fooled to believe that the concept of beauty is something that has to be confined in to physique rather than the essentiality of the true essence of beauty in the spheres of mental, emotional and spiritual well being. We have abundance of beauties in this world in many forms in material world and physiques in women and men alike, yet everyone is not fulfilled with beauty as they are still struggling in the heightened poverty of pessimistic feeling that they themselves are not beautiful. This book explores to the root cause of beauty sickness and digs out the true taste of inner beauty from the reader’s soul, helping them find and enjoy the true essence of inner beauty in which they can find permanent fulfillment and contentment.


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